eat. sweat. undress.

eat clean. sweat daily. feel amazing undressed.

social fab. The Montage


By now you guys know my love affair with Afternoon Tea. I enjoy it twice a month with girlfriends and make it a point to enjoy it someone amazing wherever I travel. It’s more than drinking tea and eating cute stuff. It’s the experience that I truly enjoy.

eat. Sunchokes


If you’ve never had a sunchoke aka Jerusalem artichoke, you’re missing out. It’s hard for me to describe the taste but it’s delicious. I bought some of these at the Santa Monica market. Sunchokes are tubers and are the root of sunflowers believe it or not. Try them!

eat. Artichoke Quarters


Artichokes are one of my favorites. I had these heavenly little things for breakfast the other day at a cute French Cafe by the Farmer’s Market.


Hi! I said I was going to blog about a few things tonight but I’m just getting settled in at home from a night out. I’ll do this tomorrow. Hugs!


undress. Unmentionables of the Day


This La Perla number is beautiful. It looks even better on a body with curves. Trust me. *wink*

drink. Lexi’s Banana Nut Milkshake

Hey guys! I’m going to share one of my favorite super simple sweet recipes with you. It’s raw, organic, and delicious. I actually just made some, drank it, and forgot to take a picture of it for this post. Here’s the recipe:

Homemade almond milk
1/2 tsp Vietnamese high oil cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 frozen banana (cut in half before freezing please!)

Blend everything up for 30 seconds then voila! So yummy!

Questions? Engage me through the tab above. Hugs from Texas!

undress. Unmentionables of the Day


When it comes to lingeries, nothing gives me chills quite like eyelash and scalloped lace. It’s hard to get right but when it’s right it’s incredible. It’s so delicate. These briefs are perfect for sashaying around the house whether you’re alone or not (wink!) I’m buying these lovely things right now! Questions about the brand or this post? Engage through the tab above. xo

I know you didn’t mean it and you meant so well. All that “good” intent.

eat. Sauerkraut


I love sauerkraut for its taste and for the beautiful health benefits. I try to eat 1/2 a cup daily. It’s enzyme rich and the food version of probiotic supplements. It helps clean the digestive track, helps shed excess weight, improves skin, and promotes healthy bacteria in your gut. I like to make my own so I know exactly what I’m consuming. Many of the store brands contain lots of salt and ingredients I can’t pronounce. Here’s how I make mine:

Cabbage (set 3-4 outer leaves aside)
1in ginger
Filtered water
Black caraway seeds

Combine ginger and cabbage in a food processor
Pack this into a mason jar (make sure you pack it tight to remove all air and space!!)
With 2 inches left to the top, fill those 2 inches with FILTERED water. (Tap water usually contains junk that will interfere with the healthy bacteria)
Roll the 3-4 outer cabbage leaves set aside and place inside
Cover tight and sit in a cabinet for 5 days
After 5 days remove the rolled leaves inside. Sprinkle with caraway seeds and serve!

Questions? Engage through the tab above. Hugs! xo


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