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2020’s Hottest Diets

At ESU, we’re firm believers that anyone with a bikini and a body has a “bikini body.” With that said, we don’t blame you if you want to feel extra confident when you make your post-quarantine beach debut. One way to feel incredible from the inside out is to adapt a healthier eating regimen.

Here is a breakdown of this year’s hottest diet trends so you can choose the one that best aligns with your lifestyle. Just remember – your ultimate goal should be to feel extra confident in your own skin when you step outside this summer, not to shed pounds super-fast.

First Things First

Before we start covering current diet trends, let’s get one thing out of the way:

Talk to your doctor before starting any new diet program.

We get it. Going to the doctor can be incredibly intimidating. But what you put into your body is the most important lifestyle decision you can make. Not only will your doctor provide you with his or her expert opinion, they will ensure you are getting all of the correct nutrients so that your diet will actually work the way it is supposed to!


Intermittent Fasting

Referred to as an “eating pattern” rather than a “diet,” Intermittent Fasting doesn’t tell you what to eat, just when you should be eating. Studies have shown that periods of intermittent fasting can increase a person’s metabolism by up to 14% and help the body use stored up energy that would otherwise be turned into fat.

There are plenty of “schedules” on the internet that can show you the way. For example, there’s the “Every Other Day” method, which cycles between 24 hours of fasting and 24 hours of eating like normal and the “One Meal A Day” method, which – as you might have guessed – allows for one big meal each day.


Perfect For…

Anyone who wants to lose weight but doesn’t want to cut out entire food groups in the process.

Avoid If…

You have a hard time committing to a strict schedule or if you enjoy impromptu outings to restaurants.


The Paleo Diet

The concept behind the Paleo diet is pretty simple. Basically, it seeks to return to the same diet that humans ate 10,000 years ago during the Paleolithic era. This hunter/gatherer diet means you’re only supposed to eat meats, berries, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Practitioners believe that grains and dairy – which became popular when farming was invented – negatively affected the way the human body processes food.


Perfect For…

Diet purists who only want to put all-natural components into their bodies.

Avoid If…

You’d prefer a diet that allows for a cheat day here and there.


The Keto Diet

Keto – short for Ketogenic – is a high-protein, low-carb diet that results in rapid weight loss. When your body replaces carbohydrates with proteins, it goes into a metabolic state called Ketosis – in which fat is more effectively turned into energy. While there are a few different variations, a standard keto diet should consist of 75% fats, 20% proteins, and 5% carbohydrates.


Perfect For…

Anyone who is sick and tired of counting calories.

Avoid If…

You don’t believe that cutting out fruits and vegetables is a healthy way to lose weight.


Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a membership-based program that uses a daily points system and custom weight loss plans for members. Every food has a point value that generally corresponds with the number of calories it contains. Using the convenient app, you can log how many “points” you consume every day. As long as you don’t go over your allotted points total, you should start to see results.  Now known simply as “WW,” this system has been around for decades and celebrities like Oprah even put their name behind its effectiveness.


Perfect For…

Numbers-oriented people who want to approach their diet in a tried-and-true way.

Avoid If…

You don’t want to spend the time, energy, or cash to make the most of your membership.