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5 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Want To Stick To

Opinions are often split when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Some people swear by them. Others would rather not wait until January 1st to try to make positive changes in their live. No matter which camp you’re in, we can all agree that 2021 is a chance to leave the drama of 2020 in the past.

If you spent the last year cooped up in quarantine and want to make 2021 your most fabulous year ever, take a look at these New Year’s Resolutions. They’re positive, life-changing, and you’ll 100% want them to stick.


Get Your Butt Into Gear

After quarantining on the couch and working from home, your fitness routine probably fell to the wayside in 2020. To get back in shape, consider expanding your fitness horizons and expanding your home gym. In-person fitness classes might still be closed for a while, so now’s the time to invest in some quality equipment.


Important Steps:

– Find new fitness classes and Insta accounts that will inspire you to get inshape.

– Find one hour each day to dedicate to health and wellness.

– Buy new fitness gear (and actually learn how to use it).


Start By:

– Following our favorite fitness instructors – David Case, Chris Robinson, & pilatesbodyraven

– Purchasing ESU’s Keep It Tight Workout Set or Weighted Toning Gloves

– Finding local fitness studios in your area that offer online classes or Zoom training



Take Care Of Your Teeth

Everyone knows that they should floss…but that doesn’t mean everyone does. It doesn’t matter if you need to get back to basics or want to take your smile to the next level. There’s no better time to start taking care of your oral health than the beginning of the new year.


Important Steps

– Make a commitment to floss your teeth. Every. Single. Day.

– Brush twice a day and set a timer so you are getting an adequate cleaning.

– Find a dentist in your area and schedule your two visits ahead of time.


Start By

Purchasing a stellar toothbrush

Finding a fancy toothpaste

Keeping flossers on your vanity so you never forget to use them



Rekindle Your Love Affair With Reading

Even the most passionate bookworms can forget to keep up with reading as the years go on. If it’s been a while since you’ve picked up a book, finishing a brand new best seller is a fun (and easily achievable New Year’s resolution that you can feel great about.


Important Steps

– Commit to reading before bed instead of watching Netflix

– Create a cozy “reading spot” in your house where you can curl up on your day off.

– Decide whether you prefer digital reading or old fashioned paperbacks.


Start By

Getting a library card

Taking a fun quiz to determine what you should read next

Read the book-version before the adaption hits Netflix in 2021


Get Serious About Saving

Covid-19 definitely took a toll on plenty of people’s finances. It also served as an important reminder that you never truly know what’s right around the corner. Having an emergency savings account is more important now than ever before. Set a savings goal for 2021 and get serious about saving in the new year.


Important Steps

– Open a savings account at your local bank

– Find cheaper ways to cut back your spending

– Create a personal budget


Start By

Downloading apps that save money for you

Look into cheap date ideas and other ways you can save money

– Start selling your old clothing on websites like Poshmark



Step Up Your Skincare Routine

Creating a thoughtful skincare routine is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. If you’ve been putting off planning and wash your face with the same scrub you’ve been using for a decade, it’s time to reevaluate. If you start now, by next winter your complexion will be flawless and you’ll be happy you started when you did.


Important Steps

– Determine your specific skin type

– Identify your specific skin issues

– Decide what your goals are (do you want to fight acne? Look younger? Prevent wrinkles?)


Start By

– Contacting a dermatologist in your area (or use an online outlet like Curology)

Switch to all-natural makeup options

– Try out ESU’s Gua Sha Stone or Hydrate & Glow