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5 Things Your Flight Attendant Wish You Knew

Anyone who has ever been to the airport knows that it is filled with all kinds of people…who have all kinds of attitudes, rituals, and habits. Now imagine you’re a flight attendant, talking to different people (who aren’t always in the best mood) all day long.


We reached out to Yasmine Moore – a flight attendant – to see what tips she has to make your flight a little bit easier on the men and women who help you out in the air. Here are 5 simple ways to not make your flight attendant secretly hate you.

– 5 Things Your Flight Attendant Wish You Knew –


1) USE. THE. BATHROOM. IN. THE. TERMINAL. BEFORE. YOU. GET. ON. THE. PLANE!!!!! – That is our biggest pet peeve. Passengers will sit at the gate for hours and wait to use the bathroom on the plane when there are a dozen of CLEAN bathrooms in the terminal.


2) Don’t ask the flight attendants for water as soon as you board.  More than likely, we just got catered and haven’t figured out where the water is.


3) When the flight attendants address you or come to your row to ask you a question, have some respect and REMOVE your headphones.




5) Overhead bin space is SHARED space. You buy a seat to your destination. You are not buying the ONE spot directly over your head for your bags.