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7 Things You NEED To Pack In Your Carry On

With the holidays approaching, you may find yourself taking to the air for holiday travel. Flying is always a bit crazy, and now that you have Covid to worry about there’s going to be more planning now than ever before.


We reached out to Yasmine Moore – a flight attendant who is basically a professional jet setter. She shared with us the 7 things she ALWAYS has in her carry-on, as well as some tips when it comes to flying in the age of Covid.

Here’s What She Had To Say…


“Traveling will always be hectic, even to the frequent flier like myself.  It’s a feeling you’ll never get used to. Each trip is different. You’ll find yourself modifying your suitcase up to the last minute because as women we want to be prepared for it all.”


“With the hardening effects of COVID-19 it has made traveling even more hectic as every passenger wants to put their hygiene first.  That means wanting to bring on disinfectants such as Lysol, something I do HIGHLY recommend. In addition to hand sanitizer, disinfectants wipes and air fresheners, to name a few.”

The Items You’ll Find In Her Carryon…


Facial Wipes

Facial Mist / Toner



Dry Shampoo


Feminine Sanitary Items


One Last Tip: 

“I OD on moisturizer before my all my flights. The recycled air is very drying to our skin.  It also very important to drink a lot of water, preferably with a high PH balance.  I bring my own water, Essentia, because the water on the plane doesn’t have a high enough PH balance for the distance I’m normally flying.”

Essentia Water