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Sale on Supplements Starts Now! Get our TOP SELLING Perfume Hair Mist and see what all the buzz is about!

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A Fragrance Expert’s Guide To Picking A Signature Scent

ESU is proud to present our debut fragrance line. Each one of our special scents is inspired by a cherished memory or an unforgettable moment – and just like all fragrances, they’re meant to transport the wearer to different times and places.

Selecting a signature scent is something that can make any woman a bit more unforgettable. To help you determine yours, we reached out to Shasa Mitcham – a Fragrance, Beauty & Wellness Specialist at The Conservatory who has earned the title of “The Best Nose In Dallas.”


It’s About Knowing Yourself

It’s no secret that every single woman on earth has diverse tastes, especially when it comes to fragrances. But according to Shasa, choosing a signature scent is about more than just personal preference.

“Yes, personal preference can play a key factor in determining what fragrance a person likes. However, I often find that most people are in the process of discovering what their taste is when it comes to scent,” he said, “We are also complex individuals so the narrative on what we like will surely change over time as we continue to grow and evolve. That’s why I like to focus on the now. What do you want your fragrance to say about the person who you are today?”


It’s About Creating A Connection

Our collection of fragrances are all inspired by memories or moments that made an impact on our founder’s life. The goal of this diverse offering was to inspire each woman to recall – or perhaps create – her own memorable moments in life. According to Shasa, it’s instinctual to tie a scent to a memory.

He said, “Wearing fragrance is a very emotional process-it can transport you to a specific location, it can influence your mood, and psychologically speaking it is the closest thing linked to memory. Try finding the connection in something-maybe it’s the story behind a fragrance that speaks to a particular emotion, such as love or strength.”

“Maybe you want a fragrance that makes you feel grounded or empowered, so you naturally gravitate towards a scent that is earthy or woody in its aroma,” he stated, “Or maybe you are wanting something comforting to get you through a challenging time, so you opt for a perfume that is nuanced with vanilla or cocoa – a scent that instantly reminds you of cookies baking in the oven when you were a child, creating a sense of safety and security every time you wear it. These are simply examples of course. How people tie scent to different emotions will vary based on personal experiences.”


It’s About Building A Personal Collection

Shasa believes that when it comes to fragrances, there is no one-size-fits-all experience. “You probably wouldn’t wear the exact same clothing every day or walk outside of your house in a bikini in the dead of winter. That is why I encourage people to create a wardrobe of fragrances for every occasion, and every season.”

“I think that women and men should definitely have a variety of fragrances that contextually fit into different aspects of their lives. Let’s say you work in a conservative office environment, so you opt for a light citrus cologne or eau de toilette for daytime. However, in the evening you may want something more adventurous  or sensual for going out to dinner or cocktails, so you choose an exotic oriental perfume.”


It’s About Curating Memories

Scent is so closely tied to memory that it’s important to find special fragrances for special moments in your life.

“I also love helping a groom or bride-to-be with selecting a special fragrance that they reserve specifically for their wedding day. What better way to recall one of the most important memories in someone’s life?” Shasa said, “I think it would be impossible to have only one fragrance for all of the rich experiences and events in life, because for me, one scent cannot possibly frame all of these moments…but then again I guess you could say I’m a bit biased eh?”


Ready To Create Your Fragrance Wardrobe?

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