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Sale on Supplements Starts Now! Get our TOP SELLING Perfume Hair Mist and see what all the buzz is about!

Sale on Supplements Starts Now! Get our TOP SELLING Perfume Hair Mist and see what all the buzz is about!

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How To Determine Your Signature Scent

We’re sure you smell perfect with no help at all. We’re also firm believers that fragrances are perfect for special occasions or other events when you require an extra shot of confidence. Having a signature scent can make you feel extra feminine – plus, it can make you so much more memorable.

ESU just launched a collection of hair perfumes that are ready to make you come alive. But before you decide on the one that perfectly matches your aura, read on to learn a little more about what makes fragrances so fabulous in the first place.

Fragrance Notes

If you’ve ever shopped for perfumes online, you’ve probably seen that they all come with a description of their “notes.” Lots of people see these descriptions, but very few know exactly how to interpret them.

Perfume notes are scents that make up a certain smell. Think of them as a perfume’s ingredients. The right blend of smells can create a comprehensive fragrance that is unlike anything else. Notes aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. There are three different categories, each one with its own distinct purpose.


Top Notes

Top Notes – or headnotes – are a perfume’s first impression. They are the very first thing you smell and the very first thing your brain processes when it breathes in a new perfume. Despite their prevalence, they don’t stick around very long. Usually, these bright smells quickly fade away as they lead you onto the next set of notes.


Middle Notes

If you want to know what a fragrance truly smells like, take a look at the Middle Notes. Middle Notes are also commonly referred to as Heart Notes, and as their nickname suggests, these make up the heart and soul of the perfume. Often deep and aromatic, they last for a long time and have incredible staying power.


Base Notes

Base Notes are full-bodied fragrances that give a perfume its “sticking power.” They sink into your skin and blend with the Middle Notes to create the harmonious fragrance you smell long after your first spritz in the morning.



Fragrance Categories

Anyone who has ever smelled perfumes before knows that they probably have a natural tendency towards certain scents over others. While there are thousands of different perfumes, they all live within 4 main categories. If you pay attention to your preferences, you’ll likely notice that all of the perfumes you like belong to the same fragrance grouping.


Floral Scents

Floral fragrances have a feminine scent that is easily identified. A popular choice when it comes to creating ladies perfumes, they sometimes have “powdery” undertones that are meant to enhance the brightness of the floral smell.

Popular Floral Notes

– Rose

– Jasmine

– Orange Blossom


Fresh Scents

Fresh fragrances are often inspired by nature. While there is a broad range of scents that fit into this category, it’s easy to see how they all fit together. Citrus, herbs, “fresh air” smells, and scents inspired by the sea all belong to this classification.

Popular Fresh Notes

– Bergamot

– Grapefruit

– Lemon


Woody Scents

Although they may be a bit more difficult to identify, Woody fragrances have their own distinct personality. These deep, earthy, and aromatic fragrances have a slightly bitter scent that is beautiful in its own right.

Popular Woody Notes

– Patchouli

– Cedarwood

– Sandalwood


Oriental Scents

Oriental fragrances are spicy, rich, and slightly exotic. Perfumes that feature Oriental notes tend to be heavier and more appropriate for evenings than during the day. They have a scent that is more similar to a cologne than a stereotypical feminine perfume.

Popular Oriental Notes

– Vanilla

– Amber

– Cinnamon


Ready To Find Your Signature Scent?

All of our ESU Hair Parfums have their own unique combination of top, middle, and base notes. Now that you know what to look for, it will be easy to find which one will perfectly match your personality.

Don’t want to put in the legwork? Not a problem! Our Fragrance Discovery Set allows you to try each scent out in person before making a commitment.