Hair Mist – KOKO NI (unisex)


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I find Japanese culture beautiful and endlessly fascinating. “Koko Ni” is a word that simply means “here” – but it’s also a concept that symbolizes being completely immersed in the reality of the current moment. Being present is something that so many women – including myself – tend to struggle with. I want women everywhere to have a strong sense of confidence and ownership of who they are, the gifts they possess, and the knowledge of how to use those gifts to better the world. Reminding yourself to be “here” will allow you to own your space and become powerful beyond measure.


  • – Top: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon
  • – Heart: Clary Sage, Labdanum, Tobacco, Cinnamon
  • – Base: Musk, Amber, Benzoin, Gaiacwood


  • Use as part of your daily hair ritual
  • Use after a sweaty workout
  • Use to rid hair of smoke smells (cigarette, hookah, clubs, cigar lounges, etc)
  • Rids hair of smell after using hot tools
  • Rids hair of smell after receiving chemical services at the hair salon
  • Use to add fragrance before a “night cap”
  • Men- use in hair and beard


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The Energy:

Important job interviews, highly anticipated dates, and other life-changing events call for Koko Ni – a fragrance with a strong, feminine presence that exclaims, “I’m here. I’ve arrived. And I’m fully owning the space I’m in.”


Spraying perfume on your hair is one of the most effective ways to make its captivating scent last all day long. Our hair mists are specially formulated to be gentle on your hair. They have a lower alcohol content than standard Eau De Toilettes and contain even less alcohol than industry-standard Eau De Parfums. That means that they will never damage your hair and dry out your strands – even when used on a daily basis.


Lightly mist the product 6-8 inches away from dry hair to make the fragrance last all day long. You may also spray product non your hairbrush and brush through your hair.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Our Hair Mist does not use any animal products or by products.