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Small Things That Men Find Super Sexy

It’s hard not to be your own harshest critic. As women, we’re surrounded by messages that tell us that who we are is not enough – that we have to act a certain way, look a certain way, and play certain games to attract a worthwhile man. The truth is, there are tons of things you are already doing that men find incredibly sexy…and you probably have no idea what they are!

If you’ve ever wanted to get into the head of a man, this blog post will do just that. We look a look on the internet and found some small, surprising things that men actually find super sexy. Start doing these, and you’ll capture his imagination and never let it go.


Being A Good Listener

It’s easy to assume that men are more consumed with how a woman looks as opposed to what she has to say – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Men care what you have to say. Even more, they notice when you genuinely care about what they have to say.

“If I mention that I like something or I am about to go do something and the next time we talk, you immediately remember before I even remember, it shows that you care about what I actually had to say which I find super attractive.”

Another man agreed, “[I love] the little ways of showing they are paying attention. Like when you leave a meeting because you don’t feel well and get a message from her that she hopes you feel better.”

It might seem small, but using empathy and following up with a guy about what they have going on in their life can make a big difference.


Knowing Your Limits

One surprising statement revealed that men don’t want a woman who is an expert on everything. With that said, they also don’t want a woman who plays dumb either. One man said he was extra attracted to “A girl that is able to admit when she doesn’t know something.”

Admitting that you don’t know something isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s a sign of maturity. Be honest with your insights and be willing to learn about things you may not be familiar with. This will show the man you are trying to impress that you can handle other situations like an adult, too.


Allowing Your Nerves To Show

There’s so much pressure on women to feel poised and perfect at any given moment. The truth is, everyone gets nervous around the opposite sex from time to time.

One guy shared – “One of my really ridiculously cute coworkers came up to me and said hi, but started laughing nervously in the middle of it. Before I could even respond she ran away. It was a textbook awkward interaction. Instead of being weird, it made me smile really hard. Something about her nervousness was kinda flattering and endearing and humanizing all at the same time.”

It may seem like men want a perfect 10 who never faulters. But the truth is, they want a woman who is authentic and isn’t afraid to show the human side of her as well. Plus, your awkwardness around them will only boost their confidence.


Finding The Silver Lining

High-maintenance woman may seem like every man’s dream, but the truth is no guy is turned on by a woman who wants her life to play out like a curated Instagram feed.

One guy shared that he appreciated “women who find something beautiful in everything you do with them.” He continued,  “A girl I knew proved this. It was pouring rain, we were all freezing, and we had at least an hour walk back to the car. Suddenly she was gushing over how cute a patch of mushrooms she found was.”

Life isn’t a movie. Focusing on the negative doesn’t make people try harder to impress you – it makes you miserable to be around. Instead, look for the silver lining of every situation and seek out the beauty in even the most negative events.



Accepting Him For Who He Is

Women feel tons of pressure to be perfect…but the truth is, so do men. The one thing that everyone is looking for is a partner who provides a soft place to fall and isn’t afraid of knowing you from the inside out.

“It goes a long way and I’d argue it’s the best quality. As a young man, there’s a lot of pressure on me to be successful especially with all the people depending on me. I’m going to make mistakes, there are things that will make me uncomfortable/scared, and I’m struggling with insecurities on top of it all. A girl who’s kind and understanding of all of my faults makes living life a bit more bearable.”

– these responses were all found on this Reddit thread –