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Meet Goody Howard – Professional Sex Expert

Meet Goody Howard – Professional Sex Expert

Today’s world is more open than ever before. But even so, there are so many aspects of sex that are still considered taboo or “off the table.” As a woman, this can be incredibly frustrating. We’re constantly told that our sexuality should be celebrated, and yet somehow we’re also silenced when it comes to the topic.

That’s where strong women like Goody Howard come in. A professional sexologist, Goody is changing the narrative when it comes to women’s sexuality. She is “sex positive,” a self-proclaimed Sexpert, and wants to share her knowledge with as many women as possible.

Read on to learn more about what she offers. We’ll also include links below so you can get in on the action yourself.


Who Is Goody Howard?

Goody’s larger-than-life personality is apparent before you even meet her. It’s clear that she’s a sexpert who knows what she’s talking about and isn’t afraid to share. Her mantra is “Be Good or Be Good At It!” and she is determined to normalize sex-positive conversations as a way to ease stigma and improve sexual responsibility.


A sexuality educator who hosts sex-positive workshops across the country, she focuses on both intimacy & empowerment. These already interesting topics come to life thanks to her energetic and engaging presentation style. As her website states, Goody Howard has dedicated her life to “Empowering through sexual exploration, education, and awareness.”


Virtual Classes



Because of Covid, Goody is now offering all of her popular classes in an online format. This means that no matter where you live, you can take advantage of her expertise in a fun and engaging format.


Gather your girlfriends or grab some paper and take some notes – there’s something for everyone when it comes to her workshop offerings.


Goody’s Online Classes:


RIDEology – A 90-minute erotic fitness class that focuses on control, confidence, and stamina when you’re the one on top.


LICK! – This penis-focused workshop will teach you everything you need to know about oral sex. Your partner will thank you!


Play Date – Learn more about the latest adult toys for men, women, and couples.


Lip Service – This vulva-focused workshop was created by popular demand. Consider it the female version of the LICK! Workshop.


Sex Trivia Game Night – After quarantine, you’ve earned a girls night. Grab your girls for a naughty night of sexual health, pleasure, and EDUTAINMENT!


Let’s Talk About Sex – Let’s get candid! Feel free to bring your own questions about sex. Plus, Goody will bring answers to her most asked questions, too.


Yoni Yoga – Consider this an erotic take on a classic yoga session. This fitness class will help connect the body, mind, and yoni to pleasure.


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Want Even More?

Goody is an endless wealth of knowledge – so start taking advantage of her expertise! On her website, you can view informative videos, ask her questions, and even browse her adult toy store.


Plus, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram at @askgoody