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Sale on Supplements Starts Now! Get our TOP SELLING Perfume Hair Mist and see what all the buzz is about!

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Which Lingerie is Right For You?

When it comes to what you wear on special nights in, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Usually, women are drawn to a particular type of lingerie that highlights their best assets and makes them feel like the sexiest version of themselves possible.

Want to know what lingerie will make you feel the most confident in the bedroom? Our guide will help you find the type of lingerie that will turn up the “sexy” and make you feel as sensual as possible.

If You Are…A Boho Babe With A Sense of Adventure

Try A Playful Baby Doll

Baby Dolls are perfect for any free-spirited woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously. The coquettish nature of these pieces makes them perfectly playful while also allowing you to put your sparkling personality on display. Especially flattering on busty women, soft fabric and a structured bust come together in perfect harmony on this lovely piece of lingerie.

Spice It Up: Make these ultra-feminine pieces even sexier by roleplaying.


If You Are…A Minimalist Who Always Keeps It Classy

Try A Sleek Body Suit

Because you live a simple, streamlined lifestyle, you don’t have time to worry about matching your bra with your panties or keeping your stockings in pristine condition. Ladies with a no-nonsense approach to life will feel right at home in a sleek, sultry one-piece body suit. These chic pieces command attention while also infusing your evening with a classy – and sexy – sense of sophistication.

Spice it Up: Add a strand of pearls to make yourself feel like a vintage femme fatale.


If you are…A Hopeless Romantic Who Knows How To Turn Up The Heat

Try Stockings & A Garter

There’s something classically sexy about a stockings and garter combo. If you’re a true romantic, you probably aim to fulfil all of your partner’s life-long fantasies. A decadent bra, panty, stockings, and garter combo is simply irresistible and will never go out of style. It’s the perfect ensemble for anyone who wants to keep passion and romance at the forefront of her relationship.

Spice It Up: Go all out with accessories like restraints and a riding crop to make your nights even more electric.


You Are…A Cosmopolitan Woman Who Feels Comfortable In Control

Try a Strappy, Bondage Inspired Ensemble

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boss in the boardroom or running your own startup – You aren’t a woman who shys away from a challenge. Wearing daring, strappy lingerie isn’t for the timid and it takes a powerful woman to take control in the bedroom. Strong, seductive, and surprising, any woman who loves to call the shots will feel incredible in strappy, bondage-inspired lingerie.

Spice It Up: For something truly different, try surrendering control instead.


You Are…The Girl Next Door, All Grown Up

Try Something Slightly Sporty

If you’re the type of girl who loves hanging out with the guys, you might not feel your most beautiful in frilly, complicated lingerie. While lace and leather are nice, you’ll feel sexiest when you are in a more laidback lingerie look. Don’t feel like this makes you boring – anyone will tell you that cotton boy shorts paired with a sheer white tank top is just as sexy as any other outfit mentioned on this list.

Spice It Up: Surprising your partner every once in a while with feminine, lacey pieces will keep it interesting.