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Why You Should Try Pilates

Even if you don’t know much about it, you’ve probably heard of Pilates. Don’t let the apparatuses, machines, or straps scare you – Pilates is an incredible way to tone your entire body from head to toe. Seriously. Its low-impact exercises have long been favorite of everyone from professional athletes to celebrities in the entertainment industry. Now, more and more everyday men and women are starting to realize the amazing benefits of Pilates as well.

ESU spoke with Chris Robinson – a Pilates expert with decades of experience in the industry – for a bit of extra insight into why Pilates is such an amazing form of exercise.


It’s Full-Body Fitness

 Pilates has a positive impact on every part of your body. Posture, flexibility, muscle strength, core strength, and even spinal alignment are all improved. Instead of focusing on one muscle group or area of the body, it trains the body to work as a singular unit.

According to Chris, “The most surprising benefit of Pilates is it helps you do everything better. Meaning whatever type of movement you do, for example running, swimming, hiking, lifting groceries, it will teach you to do it more efficiently and with more control.”


It’s Surprisingly Gentle

Pilates is unlike any other workout because it actually makes you feel rejuvenated afterwards. While distance running and other popular workouts are hard on joints, Pilates is incredibly gentle. It proves that your don’t have to put unnecessary stress on your joints or muscles to achieve an effective workout.

“I’m such a fan of this form of exercise because I can workout at a high intensity and my body feels good and not broken down,” Chris said.


It’s Designed For All Ages

When you start talking to people who practice Pilates, you’ll notice one thing right away – they aren’t all young, agile, fitness buffs. Pilates is perhaps the only form of exercise that benefits everyone from athletes to arthritic senior citizens and everyone in-between. All of the equipment you see in Pilates studios is fully customizable, meaning every movement can be modified to align with the practitioner’s fitness level.

Chris told us that what keeps him coming back to Pilates is the fact that it can be perfectly tailored to meet his needs – “I’m inspired to continue practicing Pilates because it’s so ongoing. The learning never stops. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years and I constantly discovering more detailed aspects of the method.”


Ready To Give It A Try?

“Just try it. Explaining doesn’t do it justice,” says Chris, “You have to feel the work.” If you’ve been thinking about trying out Pilates, there’s no better time than right now.”

Pilates is a full body workout that is gentle on the body and is unlike any other type of workout you’ve experienced. Plus, it doesn’t just benefit the body – “For someone who has never tried Pilates, keep an open mind. Not only do you work your body…but you also condition your mind,” Chris said.