Weighted Toning Gloves


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Instantly elevate your everyday workout.

If your fitness routine isn’t challenging you enough, try introducing our 2lb (each glove) Weighted Toning Gloves. Although designed to improve boxing skills, athletes of all experience levels have discovered that these easy-to-wear accessories make even the most ordinary workouts a little more intense. Slip them on before running, biking, kickboxing, hiking, or practicing yoga to sculpt your forearms, biceps, and shoulders while increasing caloric burn. So easy and portable. Our Founder even loves wearing them casually around the house for extra oomph!

Sold as a pair, the handy thumbhole ensures they won’t slip off even during the most invigorating fitness routine. Way more comfortable than having to hold hand weights! Their adjustable design can accommodate any size wrist, making it feel like they were custom-made to fit your body. These high-quality accessories are ideal for anyone looking to enhance their favorite workouts without totally altering their routine. Added bonus? Some people like to wear them around their ankles too!

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